Anju Badhwar

It is my proud privilege to be a part of BRGS Learning community, that has established a “Tradition of excellence” in honing the skills of the students to make them potential citizens of tomorrow.

It is imperative that we provide our students the roots of responsibility and wings of Independence which helps them to take responsibility for their own life and have the confidence to create their own future. The holistic approach of the school stimulates innovation among students by inspiring fresh ideas with creative thinking and strong conviction.

Academic domain is supplemented by a Plethora of activities on the co-scholastic front like Taekwondo, Pottery, Yoga, Origami, Robotics, Puppetry and several others. Our school programmes are well crafted to bring forth intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love for learning.

As facilitators, our prime responsibility lies in to empowering students to be effective as explorers. Incubating learners and helping them to conquer frontiers, helping them to build bridges and break barriers will go a long way to make them supremely confident. Methodologies are being devised in such a way that divergent thinking leads to convergent thinking for gaining apt knowledge.

Let’s join hands to nurture, grow and empower each child at BRGS to be an inquisitive yet sensitive, individualistic yet humane in thought, work and deed. I hereby solicit your cooperation and support in our endeavor to bring out best and make them confident and competent.

Anju Badhwar

Headmistress of
Bharat Ram Global School

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