For children there are no borders to their learning zone, nor is exploration and discovery constrained by school timings. At Bharat Ram Global School, we believe that a child’s development continues seamlessly in the home environment where the role of parents is immeasurable in encouraging their child and providing support. Consequently, we see our relationship with parents as a healthy, interactive partnership. We foster this through various ‘bridges’ through which we connect with parents…

  • Organizing opportunities and activities for interaction with resource persons, tutors and school counselors.
  • Workshops, open parent interactive sessions
  • One-on-one parent-teacher meetings
  • Welcoming constructive suggestions and ideas from all parents

Shivank has learnt so many things. We sincerely thank the school and teacher this happened in a very short span of time

Shivank’s  Parents

We are very much happy with the Progress of the Child. She is being nicely taken care off. We will Jointly try to take care of things . Thanks a lot for all the care and Share

Manya Gupta

Good efforts by teacher and saw improvement in my ward

Aksh Sharma

On the eve of Grand Parents day it touched our ecstasies to interact with tiny lots and also with the Principal and Staff. A wonderful and memorable Day . I respect and Admire the Strenuous efforts of all

Rishikas  Grandparents

Aadishri is  learning well and very happy to come to school

Aryaman Kumar Parents, Grade 1-A

Awesome way of teaching by Rminder Ma’am. We are really grateful to her. Million of thanks for the great effort she is putting up. Really satisfied with the curriculum and the methodology.

Adhika Yadav Parents, Grade Nursery

Adhika has improved really well. All because of Bhawna ma’am. She is the best mentor/teacher which a student could get. She is quite approachable and very helpful too.

Sukhman Kaur Bhatia Parents, Grade Nursery

Sukhman is on the journey of improvements. Quite dedicated towards the perfection in her homework. Thirsty for stars and smilies. This behavior is cultivated and nurtured by the school staff. Thanks as forever for the positive changes in sukhman. Encouraging more and more role plays for kids so that they can stand perfect in their life as well.

Sanvi Gupta Parents, Grade Nursery

I really appreciate school culture, teachers also doing excellent efforts to make it.

Vinayak Kohli Parents, Grade Nursery-A

Dear Swati ma’am and all the teachers and team,
It’s almost ten months my son is coming to school, and I can see tremendous improvement in him especially his emotional development and IQ/EQ. I can see the hard work and efforts put in by all the teachers in grooming him.

A big thanks to all of you for your efforts

God bless you all.

Ayaansh Tiwari Parents, Grade kG-A

We are always excited to meet Ayaansh’s Ma’am and see my ward gaining confidence etc. we are glad to know he is learning and participating in extracurricular activities.

Divyansh Jain Parents, Grade kG-A

We as parents are having very good thought about teacher’s efforts which are commendable. We have seen a lot of improvement in his reading skills, comprehension and lots of motor development. At last want to say big thanks to Ma’am.



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