Mrs Madhu Suri

Thank You for Choosing Bharat Ram School , Sector 86, DLF, Gurgaon  for your child

Just a brief on why & how BRGS came into being .

After creating & managing Institutes of higher education like Shri Ram College of Commerce in 1949 & Lady Shri Ram College in 1956, which have established benchmarks in high standards & set new trends in excellence & quality ,known  world wide, SHRI RAM EDUCATION  TRUST was founded , with a vision & mission to fufill the most pressing need  of the Time; change the Indian school  education scenario ; bring new purpose & understanding to quality , standards & learning !

Brands Like Shri Ram Global , Shri Ram Centennial & Bharat Ram Global are thus products of experience research & learnings of a life time of services & expertise of educationists at Shri Ram . Each brand has been designed to fulfil a specific purpose & caters to the needs of a specific segment of society across india

Bharat Ram Schools are set apart by the nobility of their intent & purpose , seeking inspiration from Dr Bharat Ram, an eminent industrialist , author & educationist ; his life & rich contribution to society rendered by him. He says, ‘ Quality education is the birth right of all Indians across all segments  of society .’

In Creating BRGS education system, we are guided by the new trends which are recommended by National Curriculum Framework 2015, NCERT and progressive approach to teaching learning practices used worldwide. In evaluation and assessments we follow CBSE norms and recommendations of AFA, assessments for learning followed worldwide. ‘

 Our founding principle is to use the insights & experience of India’s luminary Rabinder Nath Tagore, who says ,’ creative spirit ‘ &  ‘generous joy  ‘ is key to childhood . We have therefore designed and created a child-friendly education system , exclusive to BRGS, which follows , child friendly practices in letter  & spirit.

In our system children acquire insights & deep understanding of various concepts & learn application , through well planned activities. Our Assessments , are ‘ for learning’ & not ‘ of learning. ‘ Hence Everyday is a day of unlimited opportunities  to learn, achieve & excel. Therefore each remains encouraged & motivated to challenges & to meet high standards , which are graded as per his/her pace .

The vital element of our system is our approach to holistic development, which is well balanced and highly systematic, evincing keen interest, enthusiasm and joy in learning from our young learners. Another significant aspect is to cultivate leadership qualities right from childhood, which involve thinking skills, courage to take initiatives , take up responsibilities & be decision makers. To be good humans & take charge of not only one ’s own life , but of family & society will mark a true BRGS from others !

We believe empowerment  of individuals is a painstaking process of nurturance, care and devotion, to which we are committed. BRGs facilitators understand that the way to a child’s mind is through his/her heart. Hence all teaching is directed to appeal to his sense of joy, self-belief and completeness as a good human being.

Madhu Suri

Director Academics
Bharat Ram Global Schools

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