SHRI RAM EDUCATION TRUST has been founded with a vision to provide education to all, to develop right attitudes without which an individual can neither actualize his true potential nor contribute meaningfully to the society. The trust is committed to the cause of serving the society and the nation at large.

The Trust believes in chasing dreams – and is committed to doing things differently- providing freedom and space to each child to grow at his own pace. The Trust also envisions contributing to the wellbeing of children, the environment, communities and mankind through well planned activities. It epitomizes the vision and mission of the group with continued delivery of excellent quality and highest standards in higher education.

The legacy of late Shri Ram’s commitment to the cause of education will be carried forward by the trust by trying to make a difference in the lives of children and society at large, through its planning, policies , programs and their implementation of its motivated work force . The Trust has opened several world class schools across India and is fast approaching its goal of the school expansion program in India and abroad. Visualizing the pressing need of quality education in India, both in schools and college segments, the SRET team is stretching its creative prowess in its expansion projects across India and abroad.

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