At Bharat Ram Global School, we have meticulously assembled the facilities that help nurture the child’s overall development and enable the child to transform his or her potential into laudable achievement.

  • Well furnished and spacious AC rooms.
  • Art room – Art is engrossing onself, and it connects the body soul and peace. Therfore, art is an important part of our curriculum. We have a beautiful art room which gives wings to the creativity of our young ones.
  • Computer lab – It is often said “Computer will rule the world”. All children of school are provided with an exposure to computers which is followed by practical computer literacy program with Audio Visual Facility
  • Composite lab – To foster & create interest among students in learning of maths and science we have well equipped composite lab.
  • Large playground – We have a large playground where students play and enjoy variety of sports like basketball, football, cricket etc.
  • Infirmary – To provide first aid in case of emergency to our students use have infirmary. No medications are given.
  • School Transport – BRGS has a fleet of A/C buses and vans which are plying of different routes in the neighbourhood. One Teacher and one didi accompany the students on all routes.
  • Pottery – For the development of fine motor skills of our young ones we have pottery classes in our school.

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