Mrs Kanchan Mittal

Being a teacher’s daughter, two important lessons that my mother taught me are the guiding principles of my work with children. While her first lesson guides my thought on “what needs to be done”, the second answers “why it should be done”.

The answer to what needs to be done lies in the belief that every child has a special talent and a special blessing; the challenge is to find it and work on the same. As adults, be it a parent or a teacher, it is our responsibility to help the child discover the gift and work on bringing it to the forefront and strengthen it.

Our reason to work with children’s education is that the reward that it brings is unparalleled by any other profession.  The credit for shaping lives and defining the future is one of the most prestigious achievements that anyone can earn. We are grateful for the opportunity to help these young ones chart their course for the future, and intend to do our best to ensure that they shine their brightest for all the years to come.

We work very hard to provide the right environment for children to feel free to follow their natural rhythms and discover themselves. We wish to achieve a balance between keeping children rooted to our rich culture while they keep up with the realities of the modern world.

Our academic team is a group of experienced professionals who work untiringly to ensure that the students are provided with a conducive learning environment where they can heed to their natural inclination to explore.

I sincerely hope that we find more and more support from parents, children, and the Almighty so that we are able to realize our dream of nurturing ideal citizens and good human beings.

Mrs Kanchan Mittal

Bharat Ram Global School

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