Admission open for the session 2018-19

Bharat Ram Global School (BRGS) announced the commencement of the admission procedure at its first branch at DLF New Town Heights, Sector 86, Gurgaon. BRGS is an initiative of Shri Ram Education Trust in association with Ipsaa Foundation , and is a unique school which shares its foundation principles with those of renowned institutions like Shri Ram College of Commerce and Lady Shri Ram College for Women.

The founding partners and key professionals at BRGS held an interactive session with the residents of the area on July 4. The session saw the participation of over eighty parents who were anxious for a good school close to their homes in sector 86, Gurgaon.

The co-founders of Ipsaa Day Care, Mr Shiv Mittal and Mrs. Kanchan Mittal shared their vision for making BRGS a leading school of the future. With their experience at Ipsaa Day Care, a chain of premium day cares in Gurgaon, they bring an invaluable insight into the facets of progressive education. Mr. Arvind Bali, one of the most distinguished board members at Ipsaa Day Care, also graced the event with his presence. Mr. Vikram Dutta , VP Marketing at DLF, was also present at the event, reflecting DLF’s commitment towards ensuring a quality lifestyle for its residents.

Mrs. Shilpa Saxena, Vice President of Shri Ram Education Trust spoke of her conviction in the vision behind Bharat Ram Global School and expressed joy at the opportunity to fulfil the need for a good school in the vicinity of sector 86. She was followed by Mrs. Madhu Suri who is the Academics In-charge for Shri Ram Education Trust.

Mrs. Suri has over forty two years of experience in the education sector and spoke at length about the academic ideology of BRGS. She reiterated her belief in the core principles of BRGS: a child centered learning approach coupled with practical experience to promote true understanding, aimed at the holistic development of mind and body.

Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, Managing Director of Shri Ram Education Trust Ltd., spoke of the importance of a good quality system of education, which is both inclusive and progressive. He said that a school should help the child enjoy the pursuit of knowledge, imbibe a strong value system and develop a personality. Mr. Sharma’s speech was met with a lot of enthusiasm from the crowd of parents.

This was followed by an extensive question-answer session during which various crucial concerns of the parents were addressed. Some crucial details which were brought to light were: The total staff strength of the sector 86 branch of BRGS is currently ten; there will be a maximum of 30 students in each class and a student-teacher ratio of 1:12 will be maintained for nursery and Kindergarten; the school will expand up till class 12th in the next two years; the CBSE pattern of education will be followed; various sports academies for cricket, basketball etc will be operational very soon.

The session finished on a positive and eager note with parents touring the facility and taking back admission forms.